October/November 1985

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Editor(s):  David V. Barrett
Price:      75p
Pages:      18, A4

Notes:      #128

                                        David V. Barrett

                                        Tom A. Jones
                                        Kev McVeigh
                                        Jack D. Stephen
                                        Barbara H. Davies

    The Face of the Robots              L. J. Hurst

    O Happy Days                        Geoff Ryman
        by Paul Kincaid

    Albion Writ: The Final Drips (GoH 
          Speech, Novacon 14, 1984)     David Langford
    Tear Along the Rotted Spine         Ian Pemble

Book Reviews by Chris Bailey
    Kiteworld                           Keith Roberts

Book Reviews by David V. Barrett
    Fantasy and Mimesis: Responses to 
          Reality in Western Literature Kathryn Hume

Book Reviews by Barbara Davies
    Viriconium Nights                   M. John Harrison

Book Reviews by Mike Dickinson
    The Power of Time                   Josephine Saxton

Book Reviews by Keith Freeman
    Demon in the Skull                  Frederik Pohl

Book Reviews by Mary Gentle
    Peace                               Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by L. J. Hurst
    West of Eden                        Harry Harrison
    Circumpolar!                        Richard A. Lupoff

Book Reviews by Tom A. Jones
    The Merchant's War                  Frederik Pohl

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    Free Live Free                      Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by Helen McNabb
    Bearing An Hourglass                Piers Anthony
    Damiano's Lute                      R. A. MacAvoy
    The Lays of Beleriand               J. R. R. Tolkien
    Broomstick Drive                    K. V. Bailey

Book Reviews by Nik Morton
    The Soft Machine: Cybernetic 
          Fictions                      David Porush

Book Reviews by Nigel Richardson
    Night Voices                        Robert Aickman
    Journey Beyond Tomorrow             Robert Sheckley
    Mindswap                            Robert Sheckley
    Dimension of Miracles               Robert Sheckley

Book Reviews by Sue Thomason
    The Frozen City                     David Arscott and
                                        David J. Marl
    A Flight of Bright Birds            David Arscott and
                                        David J. Marl

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