June 1983

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Editor(s):  Geoff Rippington and Joseph Nicholas and Paul Kincaid
Price:      75p
Pages:      52, A5
Cover:      Alan Hunter
Notes:      #114

                                        Geoff Rippington

    A Personal Guide to Christopher 
          Hodder-Williams               David Barrett
    The Top Thirty Anglo-American SF 
          Movies of the 1950s to the 
          1970s                         David Pringle
    Into the Arena: April in Paris      Ian Watson

    When Fact and Fiction Collide       Christopher Hodder-Williams
        by David Barrett

                                        Mary Gentle
                                        Philip Collins
                                        R. Nicholson-Morton
                                        Ian McKeer
                                        Cy Chauvin
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Nigel Richardson
                                        Michael J. King
                                        Jeremy Crampton

Book Reviews by Judith Hanna
    Yesterday's Men                     George Turner

Book Reviews by Paul Kincaid
    The Citadel of the Autarch          Gene Wolfe

Book Reviews by Nigel Richardson
    Majipoor Chronicles                 Robert Silverberg

Book Reviews by Mike Ashley
    Index to the Strand Magazine 1891-
          1950                          Geraldine Beare

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