September/October 1977

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Editor(s):  Chris Fowler
Price:      75p
Pages:      32
Cover:      Richard Bancroft
Notes:      #83

    Lead-In                             Chris Fowler

    The Needs and Demands of the Science
          Fiction Reader: A Sociological
          Perspective                   Brian Stableford
    Philip E. High: The Man Who Created 
          the Wooden Spaceships         Andrew Darlington

Comic Strip
    Half-Life                           Jim Barker and
                                        Chris Evans

                                        Steve Bruce
                                        Judy Watson
                                        David Higgins

          Morgan/Gibson/Adlard          Phil Stephensen-Payne

Film & Media Reviews
    Metropolis                          Steve Divey

Book Reviews by Brian Stableford
    Collison with Chronos               Barrington J. Bayley
    Sojan                               Michael Moorcock
    Manalone                            Colin Kapp
    Hawk Among the Sparrows             Dean McLaughlin
    Nightwatch                          Andrew M. Stephenson

Book Reviews by Andrew Darlington
    The Garments of Caean               Barrington J. Bayley
    The Variable Man and Other Stories  Philip K. Dick
    The Game-Players of Titan           Philip K. Dick
    We Can Build You                    Philip K. Dick

Book Reviews by Chris Morgan
    Star Watchman                       Ben Bova
    Analog 9 (Ed)                       Ben Bova
    War of the Wing Men                 Poul Anderson
    Virgin Planet                       Poul Anderson
    The Dancer from Atlantis            Poul Anderson
    The Squares of the City             John Brunner

Book Reviews by David Wingrove
    The Jewels of Aptor                 Samuel R. Delany
    A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire      Michael Bishop

Book Reviews by Chris Evans
    The Hab Theory                      Allen W. Eckert
    To Live Again                       Robert Silverberg
    Science Fiction: History Science 
          Visions                       Robert Scholes and
                                        Eric S. Rabkin

Book Reviews by Robert Carter
    Mindbridge                          Joe Haldeman

Book Reviews by Brian Griffin
    The Golden Apples of the Sun        Ray Bradbury
    Long After Midnight                 Ray Bradbury
    The Drama of Ray Bradbury           Ben P. Indick
    The Testament of Andros             James Blish
    The End of All Songs                Michael Moorcock

Book Reviews by Mike Dickinson
    Two Dozen Dragon's Eggs             Donald A. Wollheim
    Healer                              F. Paul Wilson

Book Reviews by Robert Gibson
    The Eye of Hollerl-Ra               William Thomas Webb
    Nightmare Blue                      Gardner Dozois and
                                        Gordon Eklund
    The Best of Frank Herbert 1952-1964 Frank Herbert
    The Best of Frank Herbert 1965-1970 Frank Herbert

Book Reviews by Tom A. Jones
    A Funeral for the Eyes of Fire      Michael Bishop

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