January 1966

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Editor(s):  Rog Peyton
Price:      ?p
Pages:      36, half foolscap
Cover:      Eddie Jones
Notes:      #37

    Economics of SF, The                John Brunner
    East versus West in SF              R. Haldricks
    Review of Science Fantasy 79 & New 
          Worlds 157                    Chris Priest

    General Chuntering                  Ken F. Slater
    The Visual Side                     Vic Hallett
    Four Your Information               Jim Groves

                                        James R. Goodrich
                                        Chris Cook
                                        Adrian Cook
                                        William Aitken
                                        John E. Derry
                                        Don Smith

Book Reviews by Harry Harrison
    Of Worlds Beyond (Ed)               Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

Book Reviews by Donald Malcolm
    The Long Result                     John Brunner

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
    Mission to the Heart Stars          James Blish

Book Reviews by George Locke
    Bill, the Galactic Hero             Harry Harrison

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