April 1965

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Editor(s):  Rog Peyton
Price:      ?p
Pages:      36, quarto
Cover:      Ivor Latto
Notes:      #32

                                        Rog Peyton

    Worlds of Science Fiction: The Solar
          System in Fact and Fiction    Philip Harbottle
    Review of Science Fantasy 71 & New 
          Worlds SF 149                 Graham Hall

    General Chuntering                  Ken F. Slater
    The Visual Side of Things           Vic Hallett

                                        Richard Gordon
                                        Dick Howett
                                        Brian Stableford
                                        Henry Manson
                                        Harry Harrison
                                        Bruce Montgomery

Book Reviews by Ron Bennett
    The Martian Way                     Isaac Asimov

Book Reviews by E. W. Ball
    After Doomsday                      Poul Anderson

Book Reviews by W. T. Webb
    Tomorrow x 4 (Ed)                   Damon Knight

Book Reviews by Charles Platt
    The Loafers of Refuge               Joseph Green

Book Reviews by Graham Hall
    Telepathist                         John Brunner

Book Reviews by Terry Jeeves
    You Sane Men                        Laurence M. Janifer

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