Spring 1959

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Editor(s):  Terry Jeeves
Price:      ?p
Pages:      38, quarto
Cover:      Terry Jeeves
Notes:      #4

                                        Terry Jeeves

    The Perfect Answer                  Fred Burd

    Convention Report                   Eric Jones and
                                        Frank Herbert and
                                        Keith Freeman
    The London Planetarium              Dr H. C. King
    Review of Amazing Mar 59, Astounding
          Mar 59 & April 59, Galaxy 
          April 59                      Terry Jeeves
    The B.S.F.A. Library                Peter Mabey
    Last Stage Reflectorsman (Reprint 
          from Operation Fantast 1950)  Terry Jeeves

    File 13                             Eric Bentcliffe
    File 13 1/2                         Arthur D. Weir
    The Bloke in the Corner             Laurence Sandfield
    Treasurer's Report                  A. H. Mercer
    New Members/CoA's                   uncredited

                                        Laurence Sandfield
                                        James Groves
                                        Jim Cawthorn
                                        Ethel Lindsay
                                        Peter Singleton

Book Reviews by Arthur D. Weir
    Expedition to Earth                 Arthur C. Clarke
    The Power                           Frank M. Robinson

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