Paperback Parlour

February 1980

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Editor(s):  Joseph Nicholas
Pages:      8, A4

Notes:      No 18, Volume 3, No. 4, 18th issue

Book Reviews by Alan Dorey
    Time After Time                     Karl Alexander

Book Reviews by Ian Maule
    Earth Cult                          Trevor Hoyle

Book Reviews by Janice Maule
    A Dead God Dancing                  Ann Maxwell

Book Reviews by Joseph Nicholas
    The Light That Never Was            Lloyd Biggle, Jr
    Han Solo at Star's End              Brian Daley
    Han Solo's Revenge                  Brian Daley
    SS-GB                               Len Deighton
    A Handful of Darkness               Philip K. Dick
    The Black Lion                      Lionel Fanthorpe and
                                        Patricia Fanthorpe
    Bill, the Galactic Hero             Harry Harrison
    Carnacki the Ghost-Finder           William Hope Hodgson
    Clash By Night                      Henry Kuttner
    Earthblood                          Keith Laumer and
                                        Rosel George Brown
    The Word for World is Forest        Ursula K. Le Guin
    The Traps of Time (Ed)              Michael Moorcock
    A Sea of Space (Ed)                 William F. Nolan
    Anticipations (Ed)                  Christopher Priest
    The Wonderful World of Robert 
          Sheckley                      Robert Sheckley
    The Feast of St. Dionysus           Robert Silverberg
    Slaves of the Klau                  Jack Vance
    Miracle Visitors                    Ian Watson
    The Water Margin                    David Weir
    Chocky                              John Wyndham
    The Outward Urge                    John Wyndham

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