Paperback Parlour

October 1977

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Editor(s):  Phil Stephensen-Payne
Price:      10p
Pages:      6, A4

Notes:      Volume 1, No 5

                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
    The Doomfarers of Coramonde         Brian Daley
    The Ballad of Beta-2 & Empire Star  Samuel R. Delany
    The Jewels of Aptor                 Samuel R. Delany
    The Well at the World's End         William Morris
    Interview with the Vampire          Anne Rice
    Enchanted Pilgrimage                Clifford D. Simak

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
    The Dancer from Atlantis            Poul Anderson
    Virgin Planet                       Poul Anderson
    The Worm Ourobouros                 E. R. Eddison

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Rings of Ice                        Piers Anthony
    Authorised Murder                   Isaac Asimov
    The Cave Girl                       Edgar Rice Burroughs
    The Lost Continent                  Edgar Rice Burroughs
    The People That Time Forgot         Edgar Rice Burroughs
    Queens of Deliria                   Michael Butterworth
    Space 1999: The Time Fighters       Michael Butterworth
    Berserker 1: Shadow of the Wolf     Chris Carlsen
    The Hab Theory                      Allan W. Eckert
    Mindbridge                          Joe Haldeman
    Queen Victoria's Revenge            Harry Harrison
    Eye Among the Blind                 Robert Holdstock
    The Seeking Sword                   Jaan Kangilaski
    Manalone                            Colin Kapp
    Perry Rhodan 27: Planet of the Gods Kurt Mahr
    The End of All Songs                Michael Moorcock
    Sojan                               Michael Moorcock
    Sword of the Gael                   Andrew J. Offutt
    Flash Gordon 3: The Space Circus    Alex Raymond and
                                        Con Steffanson
    Those Who Watch                     Robert Silverberg
    Nightwatch                          Andrew M. Stephenson
    Mission to the Stars                A. E. van Vogt
    The Universe Maker                  A. E. van Vogt
    The Legion of Time                  Jack Williamson
    The Secret People                   John Wyndham
    Sleepers of Mars                    John Wyndham
    Stowaway to Mars                    John Wyndham
    Wanderers of Time                   John Wyndham

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