Paperback Parlour

April 1977

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Editor(s):  Phil Stephensen-Payne
Price:      10p
Pages:      10, A4

Notes:      Volume 1, No 2

                                        Phil Stephensen-Payne

Book Reviews by Philippa Grove-Stephensen
    The Lost Continent of Mu            James Churchward
    Bid Time Return                     Richard Matheson
    Hell House                          Richard Matheson
    Memoirs of a Spacewoman             Naomi Mitchison
    Fuzzy Sapiens                       H. Beam Piper
    Little Fuzzy                        H. Beam Piper
    Miracles of the Gods                Erich Von Daniken

Book Reviews by Robin Marcus
    Fire Time                           Poul Anderson
    The Day the Gods Died               Walter Ernsting
    Camber of Culdi                     Katherine Kurtz
    The Well of the Unicorn             Fletcher Pratt
    Lemmus II: The Archives of Haven    Julian Jay Savarin

Book Reviews by Phil Stephensen-Payne
    Decade The 1940s (Ed)               Brian W. Aldiss and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Decade The 1950s (Ed)               Brian W. Aldiss and
                                        Harry Harrison
    Agent of the Terran Empire          Poul Anderson
    Weird Legacies (Ed)                 Mike Ashley
    The Shockwave Rider                 John Brunner
    The Web of Everywhere               John Brunner
    New Writings in SF 27 (Ed)          Ken Bulmer
    A Far Sunset                        Edmund Cooper
    The Overman Culture                 Edmund Cooper
    Prisoner of Fire                    Edmund Cooper
    The Early Del Rey Volume 1          Lester del Rey
    The Early Del Rey Volume 2          Lester del Rey
    The Fall of the Towers              Samuel R. Delany
    Martian Time-Slip                   Philip K. Dick
    The Dragon and the George           Gordon R. Dickson
    Continuum 1 (Ed)                    Roger Elwood
    Continuum 3 (Ed)                    Roger Elwood
    Dare                                Philip Jose Farmer
    The Gate of Time                    Philip Jose Farmer
    Timestop                            Philip Jose Farmer
    The Neural Atrocity                 Mick Farren
    The Making of King Kong             O. Goldner and
                                        G. Turner
    Vampirella 2: On Alien Wings        Ron Goulart
    This Fortress World                 James Gunn
    The Making of Space 1999            Tim Heald
    Bring the Jubilee                   Ward Moore
    Tales of Known Space                Larry Niven
    Tarnsman of Gor                     John Norman
    Tribesmen of Gor                    John Norman
    Reign of Terror 2 (Ed)              Michael Parry
    The Rivals of Dracula (Ed)          Michael Parry
    A Billion Days of Earth             Doris Piserchia
    The Space Machine                   Christopher Priest
    Perry Rhodan 21: The Cosmic Decoy   K. H. Scheer
    Orbitsville                         Bob Shaw
    Illuminatus II: The Golden Apple    Robert Shea and
                                        Robert Anton Wilson
    Mutants (Ed)                        Robert Silverberg
    Cemetery World                      Clifford D. Simak
    The Reproductive System             John Sladek
    Other Dimensions 2                  Clark Ashton Smith
    Ten Thousand Light-Years from Home  James Tiptree, Jr
    Space 1999: Earthfall               E. C. Tubb
    Best of John Wyndham: 1932-1949 
          (Edited by Angus Wells)       John Wyndham
    Best of John Wyndham: 1951-1960 
          (Edited by Angus Wells)       John Wyndham

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