July/August 1999

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Editor(s):  Brian J. Robb
Pages:      20, A4
Cover:      ?
Notes:      #138

                                        Brian J. Robb

    News                                uncredited
    Books                               Janet Barron
    JO's Timewasters (Competition 138; 
          results of 137)               John Ollis
    Pulpitations (obsession)            Glenda Pringle
    In the SF Business                  John Jarrold
    Media News                          uncredited
    Events                              uncredited
    Meetings & Events Countrywide       uncredited

    Quiz: X Questions                   Gary S. Dalkin
    Cinema fails to be virtually reel   Brigid Cherry
    VR's fictional past                 Brian J. Robb
    Millennium's Master of SF           Malcolm Edwards

Film & Media Reviews
    Stephen Baxter's Voyage (Radio 4)   Brian J. Robb
    The Matrix spoon feeds up vapid VR 
          (The Matrix)                  Brigid Cherry
    Virus claims B-movie crown (Virus)  Brian J. Robb
    Critics maul Menace, but fans 
          rejoice (Star Wars: The 
          Phantom Menace)               Brian J. Robb
    SF TV Review (Star Trek: Deep Space 
          Nine; Star Trek: Voyager; 
          First Wave; Prey; The Last 
          Train; Brimstone)             Brian J. Robb

    Ashbrook in M137                    Gary S. Dalkin
    Butler in M136                      John Ashbrook

Book Reviews by Brigid Cherry
    The Sky Road                        Ken MacLeod

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