May/June 1998

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Editor(s):  Chris Terran
Price:      1.75
Pages:      24, A4

Notes:      #131

                                        Chris Terran

    News                                Chris Terran

    Charts                              uncredited

    Recent and Forthcoming Books        Chris Terran
    Screenshots                         Chris Terran
    Skull Crackers (#131: Lasts; #130: 
          Clarke Reprised - Results; 
          Crossword 21, 22 Solutions & 
          Results)                      Roger Robinson
    Big Butt Aleph                      Aleph

    1999 BSFA Awards                    Chris Hill
    Let's Go To Trevor!                 Garry Kilworth
    Babylon 5: The Wrap Party           Morgan Gallagher
    A Woman's Intuition                 Yvonne Rowse
    Brainless in Hollywood              Paul Haine
    Corflu                              Mark Plummer

Film & Media Reviews
    The Butcher Boy                     Andrew M. Butler
    Gattaca                             Dave M. Roberts

                                        Theo Ross
                                        Andrew M. Butler
                                        Ian Watson
                                        Norman Finlay
                                        Steve Palmer
                                        Brian W. Aldiss
                                        Philip Muldowney

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