February 1985

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Editor(s):  Dave Hodson
Pages:      20, A4

Notes:      #57

    The Matrix Editorial Version Number 
          2                             Dave Hodson

    Thoughts of the Chairman Now        Alan Dorey
    Bye-Bye BSFA                        Philip Collins

    The Comic Review                    uncredited
    Media News                          uncredited
    Convention News                     uncredited
    Future Gaming                       Dave Hodson
    Fanzine Reviews                     Sue Thomason

Film & Media Reviews
    A Celluloid Maya: The SF of the 28th
          London Film Festival          Mark Greener
    Dune                                Andy Sawyer
    Dreamscape                          Colin Bird
    The Goon Show: "Nineteen Eighty-
          Five"                         Philip Nichols
    Titus Groan & Gormenghast           Matthew Shackle
    This is Hawkwind, Do Not Panic      Steven Hubbard

                                        Stuart Falconer
                                        Dorothy Davies
                                        Stewart Morri
                                        Philip Nichols
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Dave Kelly
                                        Marcus L. Rowland
                                        C. R. Laker
                                        Martyn Taylor
                                        Bernard Smith

                                        Alex Prentice
                                        Dave Hodson

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