August/September 1984

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Editor(s):  Chris Hughes
Pages:      24, foolscap?
Cover:      Pete Lyon
Notes:      #54

    Hello, Goodbye                      Chris Hughes

    Thoughts of the Chairman Now        Alan Dorey

    Conrep? We Don Need No Steenkin' 
          Conrep!                       Alex Stewart
    Eastercon? Schmeastercon! What does 
          it matter as long as you enjoy
          yourself?                     Ian Sorensen
    A Few Thoughts on Eastercon         Marion van der Voort
    Contravention Poll Results          Chris Hughes
    Dare to Dredd: a look at the British
          comics scene                  Jonathan Cowie
    Media News                          Alan Dorey and
                                        Chris Hughes and
                                        Krystyna Oborn
    Books & Writers                     Chris Hughes and
                                        Malcolm Edwards and
                                        David Langford and
                                        Alan Dorey
    Obituaries (A. Bertram Chandler; 
          Charles G. Finney)            David Langford

    Competition M53, M54                David Langford
    Clubs Update (Birmingham, Bolton, 
          Croydon, Chester, Glasgow, 
          Lancaster, Norwich, Reading)  uncredited
    New Forms of Addiction: Fanzine 
          Reviews                       Sue Thomason

Film & Media Reviews
    Indiana Jones and the Temple of 
          Doom                          Colin Greenland
    The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
          (theatre)                     Judith Hanna
    Videos (Brainstorm; The Twilight 
          Zone; Metalstorm)             Colin Bird
    Slaughterhouse Five (TV)            Simon Ings

    New-look Matrix;BSFA Awards         Jack D. Stephen
    New-look Matrix;BSFA Awards         Sue Thomason
    New-look Matrix;O Alien             Dorothy Davies
    New-look Matrix                     Stephen O'Kane
    New-look Matrix                     Roger Waddington
    New-look Matrix                     Mark Greener
    New-look Matrix                     Ken Lake
    BSFA Awards;Civil liberties         Peter Cohen
    Fan fiction                         Bernard Smith
    Fan fiction                         Margaret Hall
    Nuclear debate                      Malcolm Edwards
    New-look Matrix;Nuclear debate      Simon D. Ings
    New-look Matrix;Nuclear debate      David R. Smith
    O Alien                             Anthony Bloomfield
    Crampton/Nicholas                   Michael J. King

                                        Iain Byers
                                        Alex Prentice

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