June/July 1981

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Editor(s):  Graham James
Pages:      36, A4
Cover:      D. West
Notes:      #36

                                        Graham James

    Mycon and YORCON II                 Linda Strickler
    The Channelcon Fan Room             Jim Barker
    Science Fiction Weirdies?           Dorothy Davies
    South of the Border (Down Mexico Way
          ...)                          Yves Vandezande
    SF and Alternative Comics Workshop  Mike Weller
    1981 BSFA Awards - Report           Joseph Nicholas

    Life on Mars ()                     Simon Ounsley
    On the Carpet                       Rob Jackson
    Competitions M34/M35/M36            David Langford
    Best-selling Paperbacks             Rog Peyton
    Film & TV News                      Simon Bostock
    Media News                          Roy Macinski
    Forthcoming Books                   Joseph Nicholas
    General News                        Joseph Nicholas
    Other News                          Graham James
    Convention Listings                 Graham James
    All Change on the Northern Line     Alan Dorey

Film & Media Reviews
    Scanners                            Martyn Taylor
    King of the Rocket Men              Mark Gorton
    Superman II                         Kate Jeary
    Battle Beyond the Stars             Martyn Taylor
    The Chrysalids (Radio 4)            Andy Sawyer

                                        Andy Hobbs
                                        Phil Rosenblum
                                        Pete Lyon
                                        Martyn Taylor
                                        Alan Ferguson
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Keith Freeman
                                        Ian Wright
                                        David Taylor
                                        Trevor Mendham
                                        Mary Gentle
                                        Gwynfor Jones
                                        Joseph Nicholas
                                        Steve Ince
                                        John Brunner
                                        David Langford

                                        D. West
                                        Terry Jeeves
                                        Phill Probert
                                        Pete Lyon
                                        Simon Bostock
                                        John Kerr
                                        Pete Walker
                                        Pete Thompson
                                        Michael Gould

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