August/September 1980

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Editor(s):  John Harvey and Eve Harvey
Pages:      42, A4
Cover:      Iain Byers
Notes:      #31

    Parting Shots                       John Harvey

Film & Media Reviews
    The Final Countdown                 Joseph Nicholas
    The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the 
          Galaxy                        Colin Fine

    The Editor Strikes Back             Joseph Nicholas
    Convention Report: Fifth Congresso 
          Europeo di Science Fiction    Marjorie Brunner
    Convention report: If I Die in a 
          Combat Zone (Unicon 80)       Joseph Nicholas
    The Captive Returns (and goes away 
          again...)                     Jim Barker

    News of the SF World                uncredited
    On the Carpet                       Rob Jackson
    Midsummer Madness                   Alan Dorey
    Media Notes                         Jim Barker
    Competition                         David Langford
    Competition                         Kenneth Walton

                                        Phil Palmer
                                        Roger Waddington
                                        Mark Greener
                                        Hussain R. Mohamed
                                        Mick Holder
                                        Phil James
                                        Ian Bell
                                        Cyril Simsa
                                        Alan Ferguson
                                        Paul Oldroyd
                                        Mike Brown
                                        Andy Sawyer
                                        Chuck Connor
                                        Michael Ashley
                                        Roelof Goudriaan
                                        Arnold Akien
                                        Ken Mann

                                        Shane Feeney

Comic Strip
    George The World's Smallest Fan     Steve B. Ince
    The Captive                         Jim Barker

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