March/April 2002

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Editor(s):  Gary Wilkinson
Price:      2.25
Pages:      20, A4
Cover:      Gary Wilkinson
Notes:      #154

    News                                Gary Wilkinson and
                                        Janet Barron
    Flicker (Film/TV News)              Gary Wilkinson
    Resonances: Churchill               Stephen Baxter
    Coming to A Shelf Near You          Janet Barron
    An Ironing Board on a Duck Pond: 
          Purple Hair and Tractor Beams 
          ('50s sf films and UFO)       Martin Sketchley
    PULPitations: Wargaming Mags        Glenda Pringle
    And the Winner is ...               Tanya Brown
    BSFA News                           Elizabeth Billinger
    Out of Focus: New Shoots            Simon Morden
    Checkpoint (Fan News)               Steve Green
    Events                              Gary Wilkinson
    Groups                              Gary Wilkinson
    Notices                             Gary Wilkinson
    SIG                                 Gary Wilkinson
    Jo's Timewasters (Competition 154, 
          Results of competition 152)   John Ollis

Film & Media Reviews
    Sitting in the Dark: "One ring to 
          rule them all..." (Lord of the
          Rings: The Fellowship of the 
          Ring)                         Gary Wilkinson
    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Nosferatu, 
          eine Symphonie des Grauens    Gary S. Dalkin
    On Flies the Bird... (Hawkwind)     Mark Greener
    "Frell!" (Farscape)                 Gary Wilkinson

    Obituary: Keith Allen Daniels       Steve Sneyd
    Mini - Competition                  Gary Wilkinson

    911/Rama                            Sir Arthur C. Clarke
    SF mag coverage                     Vaughan Stanger
    Replies                             Glenda Pringle

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