James H. Schmitz Bibliography

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A Tale of Two Clocks $^%&#1962hb: SFBC / Torquil
The Witches of Karres1966hb: Chilton
The Demon Breed @ (Retitle of The Tuvela) 1968hb: Ace Books Inc.; Included in The Hub: Dangerous Territory
The Eternal Frontiers1973hb: G.P Putnam's Sons; Included in Eternal Frontier
Legacy $^%&# (Retitle of A Tale of Two Clocks) 1979pb: Ace; Included in Trigger & Friends
Karres Venture  Never published (manuscript was lost during a house move) sequel to The Witches of Karres
The Wizard of Karres 2004hb; Baen; a sequel to The Witches of Karres, written by Dave Freer, Mercedes Lackey, and Eric Flint
The Sorceress of Karres 2010hb; Baen; a second sequel to The Witches of Karres, written by Dave Freer, and Eric Flint


Agent of Vega 1960hb: Gnome Press; Included in Agent of Vega and Other Stories
The Universe Against Her *1964pb: Ace; Included in Telzey Amberdon
A Nice Day for Screaming and Other Tales of the Hub1965hb: Chilton
A Pride of Monsters1970hb: Macmillan
The Lion Game *1973pb: DAW No. 38; Included in Telzey Amberdon
The Telzey Toy *1973pb: DAW No. 82; Included in T'n'T: Telzey & Trigger
The Best of James H. Schmitz1991hb: NESFA Press, Edited by Mark L. Olson

Baen Reissue Series

Edited by Eric Flint and Guy Gordon

Telzey Amberdon *pb, 4/2000
T'n'T: Telzey & Trigger *$pb, 7/2000
Trigger & Friends $pb, 1/2001
The Hub: Dangerous Territorypb, 4/2001
Agent of Vega and Other Stories pb, 11/2001
Eternal Frontiertp, 9/2002; pb, 3/2004
The Witches of Karreshc, 7/2004


"ASF" is Astounding or Analog Science Fiction.

TitlePublication Collected in
GreenfaceAug 43, Unknown APoM AoV+
Agent of VegaJul 49, ASF AoV AoV+
The Witches of KarresDec 49, ASF Appears as the first 2 chapters of the novel
The Truth About CushgarNov 50, ASF AoV AoV+
The Second Night of SummerDec 50, Galaxy AoV TBo AoV+
Space Fear
(aka The Illusionists)
Mar 51, ASF AoV AoV+
Captives of the Thieve StarMay 51, Planet Stories EF
The End of the LineJul 51, ASF AoV+
The AltruistSep 52, Galaxy EF
We Don't Want Any TroubleJun 53, Galaxy EF
CaretakerJul 53, Galaxy EF
The Vampirate
(aka Blood of Nalakia)
Dec 53, Science Fiction Plus TA
GrandpaFeb 55, ASF TBo THDT
The Ties of EarthNov 55, Galaxy (2 part serial) EF
Sour Note on Palayata #Nov 56, ASF TBo T&F
The Big TerrariumMay 57, Saturn EF
Harvest Time $%Sep 58, ASF T&F
Summer GuestsSep 59, Worlds of If EF
Gone FishingMay 61, ASF AoV+
Lion Loose... ^Oct 61, ASF APoM TBo T&F
The Star Hyacinths
(aka The Tangled Web)
Dec 61, Amazing AND TA
An Incident on Route 12Jan 62, Worlds of If EF
Swift CompletionMar 62, Alfred Hitchcock's EF
Novice *Jun 62, ASF TUAH TBoTA
The Other LikenessJul 62, ASF AND THDT
Rogue PsiAug 62, Amazing AoV+
Watch the SkyAug 62, ASF AoV+
These Are the ArtsSep 62, F&SF EF
The Winds of TimeSep 62, ASF APoM THDT
Left Hand, Right HandNov 62, Amazing EF
Beacon to ElsewhereApr 63, Amazing AoV+
OnenessMay 63, ASF EF
Ham SandwichJun 63, ASF EF
Undercurrents *May 64, ASF (2 part serial) TUAH TA
Clean SlateSep 64, Amazing EF
The MachmenSep 64, ASF AND THDT
A Nice Day for ScreamingJan 65, ASF AND THDT
Planet of Forgetting
(aka Forget It)
Feb 65, Galaxy T&F
The Pork Chop Tree $%&Feb 65, ASF APoM TnT
Balanced EcologyMar 65, ASF AND TBo THDT
Goblin Night *Apr 65, ASF TLG TBoTA
Trouble Tide @May 65, ASF THDT
Research Alpha
(with A.E. van Vogt)
Jul 65, Worlds of If Appears in van Vogt collections More Than Superhuman,
and Supermind
Sleep No More *Aug 65, ASF TLG TA
Spacemaster1965, New Writings in SF 3 EF
FaddistJan 66, Bizarre Mystery EF
The SearcherFeb 66, ASF APoM THDT
The Tuvela
(aka The Demon Breed)
Sep 68, ASF (2 part serial) THDT
Where the Time WentNov 68, Worlds of If EF
The CustodiansDec 68, ASF TBo AoV+
Just Curious Dec 68, Alfred Hitchock's TBo EF
AttitudesFeb 69, F&SF THDT
Would You?Dec 69, Fantastic EF
Resident Witch *May 70, ASF TTT TnT
Compulsion *$#Jun 70, ASF TTT TnT
The Telzey Toy *
(aka Ti's Toys)
Jan 71, ASF TTT TnT
Company Planet *May 71, ASF TTT TnT
Glory Day *$Jun 71, ASF TnT
Poltergeist *Jul 71, ASF TA
The Lion Game *Aug 71, ASF (2 part serial) TLG TA
Child of the Gods *Mar 72, ASF TnT
The Symbiotes *$Sep 72, ASF TnT
Crime Buff Aug 73, Alfred Hitchcock's EF
One Step AheadApr 74, Worlds of If EF
Aura of Immortality %&Jun 74, Worlds of If T&F

Character Appearances:

Telzey Amberdon
Trigger Argee
Holati Tate
Heslet "Bad News" Quillan
Professor Mantelish
Pilch (of the Psychology Service)
Nile Etland


An interview with James H. Schmitz by Paul Walker, in Speaking of Science Fiction, The Paul Walker Interviews
Introduction to A Pride of Monsters by James H. Schmitz
James H. Schmitz's obituary for J.W. Campbell, Jr., in Locus #90, July 12, 1971

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