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Another article ripped off from the Dallas Hooka (ups).

Q: The group has seen a few changes of late - are any more contemplated?

Dino: No - this is it. The best thing to happen to us after we lost John Cipollina to the street, was the acquisition of Joey Covington, the Airplane's drummer. We are hanging together pretty good at the moment, and we plan to keep it that way.

Q: What about a new album?

Dino: We're in the middle of cutting one right now - hope to have it wrapped up and released by the end of September. It ought to be completely different from any of our others - should be the best yet... a few surprises I think you'll dig.

Q: What about another live album - like 'Happy Trails'?

Dino: No - concert situations aren't too ideal for recording - too much of the music gets lost in auditoriums, especially by the time you get it on tape, transfer it to record, and then play it back on your stereo. In the studio, you can lay your music down solid, get everything right, and put emphasis on certain parts if you want that. You can't always get what you want at concerts.

Q: What do you think about censorship?

Dino: It's just another way that the handful of people with power control you.

Q: Do you meet any when you're recording?

Dino: Oh yeah; they freak out when you try to record something with a strong message. I guess they think it'll offend someone and hurt sales. What they don't know is that they'd probably sell a lot more if they let us record what the people want to hear. They hassle me about some of the songs I write, but I'm not going to sell out and give them the garbage they want. When I joined the group, we cut those two albums without a contract; we just took the tapes to Capitol, said 'here you are.... now sell them'. They did. That's the first time I've heard of a group cutting two albums and getting them sold without a contract.

Q: Do you have any thoughts on politics?

Dino: Not much - can't even figure out what the fuck Spiro Agnew's supposed to be. I do know that he's the biggest joke of all time though. I pretty well fell out of politics when Kennedy was blown out of this world right here in Dallas.

Texas sucks! But I've got to hand it to the freaks here; anyone who can let their hair down and try to be free in the face of all this shit has to be awfully strong and righteous. You know, Texas and the rest of the south are ruled by the old people. People like that are going to drop out of this life before too long; I'm going to have kids and you're going to have kids, and it won't be long before we have got this fucked-up world right again. We're growing every day.

Q: A lot of your songs concentrate on love, rather than pointing out the bad things...

Dino: Well, we feel a responsibility to the people who pay to hear us perform. They see enough of life's shit without us having to shovel a bit more into their ears and eyes. People have been put down, kicked around and shat upon long enough - they don't need us to add to it. Music has a lot to do with people and emotions; you don't need to take some chick or dude who's tripping and freak them out with screams of hate, kill, blood, violence and stuff like that. We owe the people something better.

Q: What are your views on dope?

Dino: Grass can be a very good friend, and most organics are alright. As far as the rest of the field is concerned, all I can say is 'to each, his own'. Dope is good until it stops feeling good - when that happens, it's no good.

Q: Do you feel that more and more people are questioning the government and the 'programming' of America?

Dino: Yes - I see more and more who are really getting into and feeling what is being said. Because of the schooling and programming, a lot of our brothers and sisters are being left pretty bent; after getting twisted up like that, it's tough getting your head on a level plane. With time and a lot of work on our part, we'll make things right - it's up to us to spread love and understanding to everyone.

Q: What about girls ?

Dino: Girls are raised to believe that they have to go with a guy for six months before letting him ball her. That's tough on a dude trying to make her - he's somehow got to compress six months into six minutes of rap. As for Mr Average American Businessman, he's so fucked up that he can't even ball his wife - I could, but I won't.... I'd ball his daughter though - and probably will if I get the chance. I feel as though I'm twice as strong mentally, ten times as strong physically, and for sure one hundred times stronger spiritually than Mr Businessman; he's already dead for practical purposes.

Like I said in 'What About Me', "I don't want no trouble, but I'm living in a world of trouble already".

ZigZag 22, ? 1971

[Thanks to Keith Hunter for doing the original scan & OCR, and giving permission for me to add the article to my site. Keith's site has articles from many issues of Dark Star, Strange Things Are Happening, and Zigzag.]

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