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With John Cipollina:

Live at The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 9th September 1966
Live in San Jose, September 1966
Live at The Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, 28th October 1966
Fillmore Auditorium November 5th, 1966
Live at The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 4th February 1967 (2 CD)
Fillmore Auditorium February 4th, 1967 with Dino Valenti (2LP)
Fillmore Auditorium, February 5, 1967
Live at The Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 6th February 1967
New Year's Eve 1967
Live at The Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco, 4th April 1968
Revolution Soundtrack

Quicksilver Messenger Service
Happy Trails
Happy Trails Live 1969
More Happy Trails 1969
Shady Grove
Castles in the Sand
Just For Love
What About Me
Live At The Old Mill Tavern - March 29, 1970
Live At The Old Mill Tavern - March 29, 1970
Live At Winterland 1970
Hawaii 1970 (June 13, 1970)
At the Kabuki Theater (December 31, 1970)
Live at The Winterland Ballroom, December First 1973

Without John Cipollina:
(as Quicksilver)

Comin' Thru


Solid Silver
Cowboy On The Run: Live in New York

Without John Cipollina:
(as Quicksilver)

Live at the Quarter Note Lounge, New Orleans, LA, July 1977
Peace By Piece
Live at Fieldstone


The Ultimate Journey
Sons of Mercury
The Best of Quicksilver Messenger Service
Unreleased Quicksilver Messenger Service: Lost Gold & Silver
Masters of Rock
Classic Masters
Who Do You Love
The Best of Quicksilver Messenger Service
Anthology Box 1966-1970
Live at The Summer of Love
Live Across America 1967-1977 (Limited 4CD Box Set)


The Matrix, San Francisco, CA, August 1966
Live in San Jose 1966 (Groucho, LP)
Live in San Jose 1966 (Document Records, CD)
Live in San Jose 1966 (Italian CD)
Live in San Francisco 1966-1968
Avalon Ballroom, SF, 9-Sep-66
Studio Outtakes & Demos 66/67
Lysergic Howls from the Wasteland: Live in San Francisco 1966/1968
Fillmore Auditorium, San Francisco, 9/4/66(?)
Avalon Ballroom, SF, 21-Oct-66 + Dr Sunday's filler
Avalon Ballroom, SF, 28-Oct-66
Fillmore Auditorium, SF, CA, November 5, 1966

Vanguard Demos 1967 + Bill Graham Radio Show 1967 + Rehearsals 1967
First Album Outtakes (#80, #93), 1967
First Album Outtakes (#17), 1967
Live in 1967 (JC Tree #1)
Live in 1967 (JC Tree #2)
Fillmore West, SF, 4-Feb-67
Fillmore West, SF, 5-Feb-67
Fillmore West, SF, 6-Feb-67
The Matrix, SF, 19-Mar-67
H.A.L.O. Benefit, Winterland, SF, 30-May-67
Fuzz Acid & Flowers
Marin County Cowboys
Coyote Canyon
Dr. Sunday's Medicine Show, Family Park, San Jose, CA, October 8, 1967
Live Late 1967, Unknown venue
"The Fool", Outtakes & Rehearsals, Capitol Studios, SF, Dec 9-11, 1967
Winterland, SF, 29-Dec-67
Winterland, SF, 30-Dec-67
New Year's Eve 67-68
Winterland, San Francisco, CA, December 31, 1967 (watchit)

Demo acetate, Jan-68
1968-01-00 Acetate + San Jose 1966 LP (watchit)
San Jose Forum, 13-Feb-68
Venue unknown, ?February 1968
KSAN, April 1968
Carousel Ballroom, SF, 14-Apr-68
Fillmore East, New York, 7-Jun-68
Summer of '68
Prairie Rose
Maiden of the Cancer Moon
Golden State Recorders, 9/12/68
Smokin' Sound
Smokestack Lightning
Voodoo Perfume
Fillmore West, 25-Aug-68
Fillmore West, 7-Nov-68
Winterland, 31-Dec-68

Studio Rehearsal with Dino Valenti, ?1969
"Shady Grove" (song) Rehearsal, February 12, 1969
"Shady Grove" (album) Out-takes, 1969
"Edward's Dance" Studio Outs, July 23/4 1969
"Edward's Dance" Studio Outs, July 25, 1969
Edward Overdub Sessions, September 1969
Edward Outtakes, Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco, September 69
The Night They Closed The 60's Down
Winterland, December 31, 1969

Fillmore East, NYC, 24-Jan-70
Family Dog, San Francisco, CA, February 7th 1970, early & late shows
Civic Center, San Antonio, Texas, 21-Feb-70
Fillmore West, 23-Feb-70
Winterland, 23-Feb-70
Place de' Rehearsal, Corte Madera, California, March 4th, 1970
Olympic Auditorium, LA, 21-Mar-70
The Old Mill, Mill Valley, Marin County, 29-Mar-1970
The Old Mill, Mill Valley, Marin County, April 1970
Fillmore East, NYC, April 4, 1970
Stonybrook University Gym, NY, 5-Apr-1970
Winterland, San Francisco, CA, 04/15/1970
Hawaian Recordings (Rehearsal), Opaglua Lodge, Oahu, Hawaii, June 4th, 1970
Red Vest, Oahu, Hawaii, 13-Jun-70
Fillmore West, 10-Jul-70
Fillmore West?, Summer 1970
What About Me Outtakes & Rehearsals, Wally Heider Studio, July 29th & 30th, 1970 & Corte Madera, SF, July 31st, 1970
What About Me Studio Sessions, 30-Jul-70
A Tribute to Jesse Farrow (What About Me out-takes 1970, Calibration Show 1971)
Family Dog, Aug-70
Family Dog at the Beach, 1-Aug-70
Freedom Palace, Kansas City, 15-Aug-70
Winterland Arena, San Francisco, California, October 4th, 1970
Kabuki Theater, LA, 31-Dec-70, aka Kabuki Mojo

Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino, CA, February 19, 1971
Fillmore West, 7/4/71
The Fillmore West Closing Week Concerts, Night 4, Saturday 3 July 1971

Rehearsal, 1975
Album Rehearsal, SIR, June 75
Album Rehearsal, SIR, San Francisco, CA, June 29, 30 & 31, 75
Album Rehearsal, SIR, June 75
SIR Studio Rehearsal, 31-Jun-75
Studio Outtakes 1975, Part 7
The Work Tapes, July 3 - 8, 1975
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, Texas, 21-Dec-1975
Winterland, 28-Dec-75


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