Why James H. Schmitz?

"Take my advice and buy TWO copies of this book! You'll want to lend it to friends and (trust me on this: I have years of experience to back up the observation) once people get their hands on a Schmitz book, they don't let go!"

- Janet Kagan

"[A] typical James Schmitz mix of humour, strange mental powers, and mild anarchy. Delightful."

- The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction

"Much has been made of the 'sense of wonder' that science fiction evokes, and believe me, there was nothing to evoke that sense quite like the worlds of James Schmitz..."

- Mercedes Lackey, quoted from "That was an epiphany..."

"James Schmitz has done it again, deftly building a rollicking, boisterous tale of the future into the grand dimensions of an outre classic. The Witches of Karres combines humor, suspense and magic in unforgettable proportions."

Quoted from the jacket copy of the 1968 printing of Chilton' edition of The Witches of Karres

For more information about James H. Schmitz see The James H. Schmitz Encyclopedia.

I have prepared a condensed bibliography.