June/July 1994

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Editor(s):  Julie Venner and Carol Ann Green
Price:      ?p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      John Light
Notes:      #26

    Through a telephoto lens, lightly ..
          .                             Julie Venner and
                                        Carol Ann Green

    The Scales From His Eyes            John Light
    More Than They Bargained For 
          (drabble)                     Sandy Fleming
    Head in the Clouds (drabble)        Sandy Fleming
    Untitled ("Two Jehovah's") (drabble)
                                        John Madracki

    Writing Fantasy and Horror, Part 
          Two                           Brian Stableford
    Forum: Fly Like a Butterfly, Soar 
          Like a Brick - or When can I 
          stop hitting myself with the 
          hammer, doctor?               Mary Gentle
    Forum: How Do I...?                 Neal L. Asher
    Forum: Prostituting the Muse? or, 
          Rewriting on Request          Tanya Brown
    Forum: Revision                     Keith Brooke
    Forget the text: what about the sub-
          text?                         Ian Watson
    Focus on Revision                   Pam Baddeley
    Focus revising/drafting (check)     Andrew M. Butler
    Revision: Some Pitfalls for 
          Beginners                     Sandy Fleming
    False Notes: Revision and Rewriting 
          - A few thoughts              Edward St Boniface
    Be Your Own Editor                  Peter Irving
    Revision                            Jenny Jones
    Inspiration?                        Terra Firma
    How Not To Plan A Series            Cherith Baldry

    Editing the Stars: An Interview with
          Jane Johnstone                Jane Johnson
        by Sebastian Cook

    Dr Greenland's Prescription         Colin Greenland

                                        Peter Tennant
                                        Peter Irving
                                        John Madracki
                                        Keith Brooke

                                        John Light
                                        Julie Venner
                                        The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin
                                        Ian Bell
                                        Pamela Palmer
                                        Carolyn Horn

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