June/July 1993

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Editor(s):  Julie Venner and Carol Ann Green
Price:      ?p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Mark Brandon
Notes:      #24

    Through a telephoto lens, lightly ..
          .                             Julie Venner and
                                        Carol Ann Green

    Second Coming (drabble)             Barbara Davies
    Senses                              Syd Foster
    The Cost of Skills                  Cherith Baldry
    News from the Inner Solar System    David Piper

    Tell Me the Old, Old Story          Stephen Gallagher
    Epistle to an Editor                Terra Firma
    Forum: Characters ...               Geoff Ryman
    Forum: Characters                   Lisa Tuttle
    Forum: Characters                   Stephen Gallagher
    Forum: Characters?                  Carolyn Horn
    Forum: Writing Characters           Graham Joyce
    Forum: Characters and How They Grow Gwyneth Jones
    Forum: Characters                   Andrew M. Butler
    Forum: Writing About Characters     Gillian Rooke
    Forum: Characters                   Justina Robson
    Writing a first novel               Sally-Ann Melia
    Writing Science Fiction             Brian Stableford
    The Art of Reading a Review         Paul Kincaid
    The Cassandra Experience            Stuart Falconer

    Dr Greenland's Prescription         Colin Greenland

                                        Julie Venner
                                        Ian Bell
                                        The Gremlin
                                        Haigho Dwerrystane
                                        The Rev. Theola Belluse Devin

Book Reviews by Andrew M. Butler
    The Way to Write Science Fiction    Brian Stableford

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