December 1990

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Editor(s):  Cecil Nurse
Price:      75p
Pages:      16, A4
Cover:      Dreyfus
Notes:      #22

                                        Cecil Nurse

    The Philosopher from Outer Space 
          (drabble)                     Cecil Nurse
    Hashby's First Case (drabble)       Steve Palmer
    Exercomp 3: A Bloody Business       Judith M. Johnstone
    Exercomp 3: Deserts of Vast 
          Eternity                      Peter Lancaster
    Exercomp 3: They Send Terminal Cases
          to Disneyland                 Daniel Buck
    Exercomp 3: Cloud of Memory         Andrew Green
    Exercomp 3: untitled                Liz Robinson
    Exercomp 3: Book 1 of the Reddish-
          Coloured Amphibian On A Pogo 
          Stick by D*v*d *dd*ngs        Zoe Page
    Exercomp 3: Cyberdeath Bondage Squad
          - On Vacation                 Gary Mackie
    Exercomp 3: Into The Ontop Of       John Dean

    A Room without A desk: Without A 
          Suit                          Christopher Priest
    The Milford Report: A Large 
          Wildebeest                    Stratford Kirby
    Write What You Like!                John Light
    Full Face                           Jenny Jones
    What I'm Trying To Say Is This ...  Val Whitmarsh
    Market Survey                       uncredited

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