Autumn 1979

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Editor(s):  Chris Evans and Rob Holdstock
Price:      75p
Pages:      24, A4
Cover:      Andrew Stephenson
Notes:      #1

    Focal Point                         Chris Evans and
                                        Rob Holdstock

    Skiing the Methane Snows of Pluto   Jonathan V. Post
    The Teeth of the Phoenix            Simon Ounsley

    Sonnet one billion and one          Cyril Simsa

    Contributors                        uncredited
    Searching for the Lost Chord        Andrew Stephenson
    My Secret Life with David & Charles David Langford
    Writing A Novel? Do!                Christopher Priest
    Market Space                        uncredited
    Who Needs an Agent?                 Maggie Noach
    Sprechen Sie Starshipese?           Garry Kilworth
    The Problems of Genesis             Ken Bulmer
    Writing SF for children             Douglas Hill
    Questions                           uncredited

                                        Richard Litwinczuk

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