Summer 2009

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Editor(s):  Martin McGrath
Price:      L1.75p
Pages:      20, A4

Notes:      54, ISSN 0144-560X

    Making Space for Diversity          Jamie Nesbitt Golden

    A Confirmed Stationaryphile Writes..
          .                             Steve Jeffery
    What Are They Thinking?             Gareth D. Jones
    News from Orbit                     Terry Jackman
    Of Liberators and Slaves (Blake's 7)
                                        Dev Agarwal
    Masterclass No. 5: Narrative Sex    Christopher Priest
    "Tag! Your It" Writing Speech       Gillian Rooke
    Creating Believable Characters      Emma Hemmings


Book Reviews by Martin McGrath
    Ersatz Wines                        Christopher Priest
    Limbo Files                         David Langford

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