Spring 2007

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Editor(s):  Martin McGrath
Price:      L1.75p
Pages:      20, A4
Cover:      Jitka Saniova
Notes:      #50, ISSN 0144-560X

    Careful What You Wish For           Martin McGrath

    How to Market Your Book Online      Brian Turner
    What Makes a Good Story?            Simon Morden
    Let's Face the Future with a Smile  Jetse de Vries
    Masterclass No. 1: Point of View    Christopher Priest
    Par for the Course: What Course is 
          Right for You?                Terry Jackman
    The Joy of Craig: Experiences at a 
          an Arvon Course               Nick Wood
    Scriptwriting: From Page to Rage 
          (Part 2)                      Gavin Williams
    A Lesson in Purpose: Gibson's 
          Gernsback Continuum           Dev Agarwal

    someday they'll realise how lucky 
          they are to have me           Steve Sneyd
    when we are reminded to remember    Steve Sneyd


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