Autumn 2007

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Editor(s):  Martin McGrath
Price:      L1.75p
Pages:      20, A4
Cover:      Sean Acierno
Notes:      #51, ISSN 0144-560X

    Can a Holiday Romance Really Last 
          Forever?                      Martin McGrath

    Welcome to Poughkeepsie: The Further
          into the Zone the Nearer to 
          Heaven                        Nina Allan
    Research Corner: Tomorrow's Soldier:
          The Future of War             Anthony G. Williams
    The Depressing Truth About Who 
          Writes Movies                 Martin McGrath
    Masterclass No. 2: Inspiration/
          Observation                   Christopher Priest
    How Do I Stand Out on the 
          Slushpile?                    Jetse de Vries
    Basic Bootstrap Branding: Using the 
          web to raise your professional
          profile                       Paul Raven
    Weighing the Writing: Tackling the 
          Second Draft                  Dev Agarwal

    Diaspora                            Gareth L. Powell
    Olypus Mons                         Gareth L. Powell
    Nevada                              Gareth L. Powell
    Year Zero                           Gareth L. Powell
    Ragnarok                            Gareth L. Powell


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