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  Alexander Jablokov                        Denis Jackman
  Terry Jackman                             Coral Jackson
  Dave Jackson                              David Jackson
  Geoff Jackson                             Julian Jackson
  Lindsay Jackson                           Peter Jackson
  Rob Jackson                               Robert Jackson
  Roy Jackson                               Shirley Jackson
  Steve Jackson                             Carl Jacobi
  Harvey Jacobs                             Dan Jacobson
  Mark Jacobson                             Kate Jacoby
  Brian Jacques                             John Jakes
  Maxim Jakubowski                          E. R. James
  Ed James                                  Edward James
  Graham James                              John James
  Linda James                               M. R. James
  Peter James                               Phil James
  Phil Janes                                Laurence M. Janifer
  David Jarrett                             John Jarrold
  Jon Jarrold                               Robin Jarvis
  Ben Jeapes                                K. M. Jeary
  Kate Jeary                                Terry Jeeves
  Mike Jefferies                            Stephen Jeffery
  Steve Jeffery                             Steve  Jeffery
  Steve Jeffrey                             Mike Jeffries
  Michael Jelley                            N. K. Jemisin
  Eifion Jenkins                            Garry Jenkins
  Paul S. Jenkins                           T. M. Jenkins
  Paul Jennings                             Jan Lars Jensen
  Jane Jensen                               K. W. Jeter
  Michel Jeury                              Simon Jewell
  Olof Johannesson                          Brad Johannsen
  Kenneth Johns                             Alan Johnson
  Bill Johnson                              Celestine Johnson
  Dennis Johnson                            Drew Johnson
  George Clayton Johnson                    Gordon Johnson
  Jane Johnson                              Ken Johnson
  Kij Johnson                               Mick Johnson
  Oliver Johnson                            Paul Johnson
  Judith Johnstone                          Judith M. Johnstone
  Cyril Jolny                               Gwyneth Jonea
  Cleolinda Jones                           D. F. Jones
  David Jones                               David Lee Jones
  Dennis Jones                              Diana Wynne Jones
  Eddie Jones                               Eric Jones
  Gareth D. Jones                           Gwyneth Jones
  Gwynfor Jones                             Ian Jones
  J. V. Jones                               Jenny Jones
  John G. Jones                             Langdon Jones
  Lanyon Jones                              Liame Jones
  Mark Jones                                Neil Jones
  Peter Jones                               Raymond F. Jones
  Richard Glyn Jones                        Rod L. Jones
  Roger Jones                               Stephen Jones
  Steve Jones                               Susan Jones
  Tom Jones                                 Tom A. Jones
  Trevor Jones                              Anne Jordan
  Brian Jordan                              Cathleen Jordan
  Robert Jordan                             M. K. Joseph
  S. T. Joshi                               Graham Joyce
  Cyril Judd                                Dick Jude
  Keith L. Justice                          Kenneth L. Justice

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